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The Team.



the Weirdo


Creative Director / Founder

With studies in Graphic Communication she gained a great experience working in media and retail. She is a colorful and outgoing person but when she wants to create, you should better leave her in peace, as she is moving to a parallel universe. She has a true inspirational mind and likes to paint outside the lines. She is a member of Limassol volunteer center and volunteers in several NGOs.

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The Ingenious Mind


Account Manager

Her experience in different fields of Marketing, Strategy, Business and Management helps her to deliver creative work that meets the client’s needs. Besides her analytical mind and problem solving attitude, she tends to get very personal with every project she gets her hands on. It's the kind of woman you want by your side in a demanding meeting but also keep her for the drinks afterwards. She loves nature and working on several projects with the ambitious aim of saving the planet.

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The Thinker

Head Strategist

Michael holds a Bachelor’s in Business and a Master’s in Communications from the U.S. and an Executive MBA from Warwick. He has a wide experience in Operations, Marketing and Business Consulting. He has built his career on the premise of Marketing Strategy and as such he has proved to be a valuable asset to prominent local and international companies in retail, health care, property management, manufacturing, finance, education and communications.

He loves exploring the unknown such as... people's minds. He never stops thinking and analysing and he’s the go to guy for solving your issues and having an answer to all your questions.



the Philosopher


Digital Marketing

Great at building and optimizing paid search campaigns in various platforms and channels. She likes looking at the bigger picture providing holistic marketing strategies. Besides that, she loves  animals and traveling (goal: visiting all the countries in the world). She is committed to equality and saving the planet; she likes living the life and having fun.



the Green


Performance Marketing & Automation

Performance Marketing and Data nerd with a square but still creative brain. She comes with years of experience in the most competitive markets (travelling, gaming, online dating), loves documentation and numbers and is always trying to make things more automated/efficient. She lives on her own planet which is full of basketball and useless gadgets.


the Greek


BI - Data Engineer

An experienced BI Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the e-commerce industry. Skilled in optimizing DWH or building them from scratch by taking requirements, modelling and physical/logical implementation using Kimball methodologies. An expert in data pipelines using Spark python/scala or other tools like Microsoft BI stack. He loves customs and traditions, but also makes the best "Moelleux au Chocolat".



the Genius


Data Scientist

An electrical engineer and computational neuroscientist. He has been working as a data scientist for the past few years. An expert in MySQL, redshift, python, pandas and sklearn. Obsessed with football and his team PAOK. He spends his time developing his brain and body by building more skills, attending webinars about animal and humans rights and training at the gym.

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