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5 ways to increase your online presence with social media.

Social Media vast user bases and sharing capabilities make it an amplification tool. According to Sprout Social, after following a brand on a social media, 91% of consumers will visit its website, 89% will buy from the brand and 85% will recommend the brand to a family or friend.

How can we improve the social media presence?

1. Limit the number of platforms to the ones you can handle

Online presence it’s about quality, not quantity. Choose carefully the platforms that your audience are using and limit the number you choose based on your bandwidth. It’s better to have one or two accounts with solid engagement rather than having several accounts with weak activity.

Platforms to consider:

● Facebook

● Instagram

● LinkedIn

● Twitter

● YouTube

● Pinterest

● Snapchat

● TikTok

2. Think audience, not followers

Work on cultivating a quality, niche audience of individuals who are interested in your product or offer. This will be translated into likes and comments and more user-generated content. Marketing campaigns with user-generated content result in 29% higher conversions than campaigns without it.

Better to have fewer followers with a vibrant page that to have lots of followers and value to offer.

3. Post with emotion

Quality posts that gets engagement are important if you want social algorithms to display your posts in users feed. But quality is not enough. You want your followers to feel something when they consume your content, so much that they will share it with others. You can use emotional words and phrases in your captions. Add emojis. Use compelling stats and evocative images.

4. Perform social media SEO

Facebook receives over 2 billion searches per day. In 2020, Instagram announced that it now supports general keyword searches. So just like your website, you should include popular keywords in your profile and posts. You can use many of the same keywords as you do with your site, but with a bias towards idea-oriented queries.

You should also still be using hashtags in your posts to improve your social media presence but treat them as you would treat keywords. Use broad hashtags sparingly and focus more on location-based and niche terms so that you can increase your visibility to the right audience.

5. Be active

You definitely read it a million of times but yes; if you are going to make social media a part of your online presence you need to have an active account. That means; publishing quality posts regularly, responding to likes, comments, direct messages, sharing content from other resources, and more.

This is the difference between a profile and a presence.

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